25 January 2019
Suntec Summit 2
January 25
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In 2018 many regulators declared most coins to be securities, meaning issuers must register and comply with federal laws - as must platforms that handle trading. This is a good way for traditional financial institutes to join the blockchain market and make it more honest and transparent. We present the second of the series global conferences on the future of Security Tokens.

STO Future conference will gather together the whole STO ecosystem of STO exchanges, STO platform issuers, financial industry representatives, service providers, and STO projects so you can learn, share knowledge, and network with industry leaders. Come join our event in Singapore on January 25. All guests will be treated to a complimentary lunch.

2018 年11月1日,在香港数码港舉办第一次 Security Token Future 国际会议二周后,香港证监会 SFC 发布了虚拟资产的监管框架声明,外界认为,这次破冰示范效应,將会大力推动香港及亚太区的数字资产市场,吸引全球的交易所,及整个证券 token (ST) 生态的公司及项目等, 來到亚洲寻找机会!

第二次 Security Token Future 论坛 ( 将於 1/25 号在新加坡举行,探讨资产上链,全面合规,及快將形成的一个全新的数字资本市场,如何颠覆华尔街,成为下一波区块链及数字资产的新风口,创造辉煌前景!


  • The Next Wave of the STO Development
  • Emerging Global Frameworks on Regulating Digital Assets
  • A Key Exchange in Singapore as Part of the Global Exchange Network
  • The Regulation of Digital Assets through the New Sandbox System in Hong Kong
  • Best Practices of Issuance Platforms
  • The Importance of Rating and Governance in the STO Ecosystem
  • Successful Case Studies of Tokenization of Funds and Real Estate Projects
Industry leaders will discuss topics such as:
  • Investment Logic in Security Tokens from a Global Perspective
  • The Emerging Security Token Players and Ecosystem in Asia
  • Global Regulations for STO as a new Capital Market for Digital Assets
  • Market players who have already dealt with STOs will share their experience of ensuring compliance with current regulations and other problems


Jade Chen
Global Head of Marketing, Node Capital
Seth Moore
Dr. Waishun Lo 勞維信
Chairman of QHIBEC, Adjunct Professor, CUHK
Nick Cowan
CEO Gibraltar Stock Exchange
Michael Zhao
IDCM Group Chairman
Eugene Tarizmanov
SVP Moody's Investor Services
Piyush Chaplot
Partner of Neo Global Capital
Michael Gaffney
CEO of Galaxa
Mikhail Mironov
GITA Foundation Council, Senior Partner at SMC Capital, Advisor to ICORating
Jacqueline Kwok
Securitize - Head Business Development Asia
Edward Du 爱德華
Co-founder and CEO of Talenta
Rae Deng
Founding Partner of Du Capital
Jay Liang 梁捷掦
Founder and Co-chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association
Gan Fong Jek 颜峰杰
Founding Managing Partner of Jubilee Capital Managment
Dr. Pei Sai Fan 白士泮
Vice Chairman, BEST Association
Praz Mathiannal
Cofounder, MaGEHold
Nizam Ismail
Head of Financial Services, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing
Rachel Liu
President of Mars Finance;President of Mars STO Research Institute
Jerome Wong
Co-founder of Everest Ventures
Padraig Walsh
Partner at Tanner De Witt
Igor Khmel
Founder and CEO of Bankex
Thomas McMahon
Chairman DEX, Digital Exchange Association, CEO: DG Asia
Brady Luo
CEO of Everitoken public chain for STO solutions
Eric Chen
Founder and CEO of SNC 标准共识
Dr. Shen Wang 汪申
Legal Counsel of the Mars Finance STO Research Institute, Legal Counsel of BlockContinent
Jack Chia
Co-founder Singapore Blockchain Alliance
Kevin Ho
Co-founder & CEO of, Head of GITA Technical Committe
Tianyi Yu 余天一
Partner of 8 Decimal Capital 八维资本
Hongbo Xu
Managing Partner, innohub capital


09.00 - 09.30
09.30 - 09.40
09.40 - 10.00
Keynote:The next wave of STO development
Dr. Waishun Lo
Chairman of QHIBEC, Adjunct Professor of CUHK,Partner of DL Capitals
10.00 - 10. 40
Panel discussion:
Investment in security tokens from a global perspectives
Moderator: Jade Chen
Global Head of Marketing, Node Capital
Panelists: Rae Deng, Piyush Chaplot, Tiyanyi Yu, Jerome Wong, Kevin Ho
10.40 - 11.10
Keynote: STO and TSO
Dr. Pei Sai Fan
BEST Association
11.10 - 11.30
11.30 - 12.10
Panel discussion:
Global Regulations for STO as a new Capital Market for Digital Assets
Moderator: Nizam Ismail
Partner and Head, Financial Services at RHTLawTaylor Wessing
Panelists: Eugene Tarzimanov, Shen Wang, Thomas McMahon, Jack Chia
12.10 - 12.30
12.30 - 12.50
Innovator Around the World
Michael Gaffney
CEO of Galaxa
13.50 - 14.30
Panel discussion:
The Emerging Security Token Players and Ecosystem in Asia
Moderator: Jacqueline Kwok
Securitize, Director of Business DevelopmentAsia
Panelists: Edward Du, AndrewYeo, Padraig Walsh, Brady Luo, Leo Liu
14.30 - 15.00
15.20 - 15.40
15.40 - 16.10
How to evaluate Security Token as an investment opportunity
Mik Mironov
GITA co-founder, Senior Partner SMC Capital, Advisor to ICORating
16.10 - 16.50
Panel discussion:
Security Token case studies, token design and tokenomics
Moderator: Alice You
Co-founder of SNC
Panelists: Igor Khmel, Tao Chen, Gan Fong Jek, Hongbo Xu
16.50- 17.20
Blockchain Innovation for Capital Markets
Praz Mathiannal
Co-Founder of MaGEHold
17.20 - 17.50
Frameworks on Regulating Digital Assets in Hong Kong
Jay Liang
Founder and Co-chairman of Hong Kong BlockchainAssociation
17.50 - 18.00
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GoldenSand Capital
GoldenSand Capital is an investment company with the aim of sector leadership, and going global with unique investment strategies and resources. It was founded in 2004 by Sonny Wu and Richard Lim and goes along with "GSR Ventures", "GSR United Capital".

Over the past decade, GoldenSand Capital has invested in game changing companies like: Lattice Power, Didi Chuxing, Xindayang EV, Silevo Solar and many more innovative enterprises; as well as courageous attempted global acquisition like “Philips Lumildes LED”, all together best demonstrate our pursuit of innovation, and the endless effort to the development of emerging industries through global M&A and China localization.

GoldenSand Capital has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and US.
SMC Capital
SMC Capital is an NYC-based investment and advisory firm focused exclusively on projects and tokens related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and security token offerings (STOs).

We maintain strong relations with investment communities in Asia, Europe, and North America as well as with leading media, such as WSJ, Business Insider, Forbes, CoinDesk, and others.


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Suntec Summit 2
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